Michaël Bloos is an Amsterdam based actor. Graduated from Theatre school (ArtEZ Arnhem) in 2012, he developed himself, apart from a stage and film actor, into a ‘creator’. As a creator he likes to dive deep in to a subject, to try and grasp our time and generation, to use momentum and share his insides and outcomes in different art forms, like film, theatre, performances in public space and podcasts.

Michaël is currently doing research deep inside the banking world with his podcast ‘Poetic Banking’ as part of the New Heroes’ Artist in Residency for the Rabobank. This experience will later be turned into a solo performance.

Recent projects include:

–       ‘Reconsider your image of me’ made in Tehran, together with an international group of actors and the Iranian director Arvand Dashtaray, a performance about image building, what sort of images do we have of ‘the east’ from a western perspective, and visa versa.

–       Citizan Artis Incubator. One intensive and transformative month that prepares 15 of Europe’s most promising performing artists for their vital role in shaping our rapidly changing world.

–       ‘How to Manage’ a performance created with director Mirjam Koen at OT Theatre about managing structures in big companies.

–       ‘Een dag in t Jaar’, a poetic and conceptual international price winning feature film

–       Performances in public space in the ‘dangerous’ suburbs of Amsterdam, De Kolenkitbuurt, in collaboration with Cascoland.

–       The manager of 40 professional artists and 600 workshop participants at Stichting Buitenkunst, a place where artist and art-lovers meet.